Wow another young rapper Commits Suicide & documents it on twitter

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(AllHipHop News) Last night rapper Freddy E, born Frederick Eugene Buhl, committed suicide.

While the details are still being confirmed, according to his family, Freddy E took his own life with a self-inflicted rifle shot to the head.

Fans of Freddy E eerily witnessed the suicide via Twitter as Freddy E documented the whole tragedy on his Twitter account @Freddy_E.

Freddy E was reportedly signed to Tyga’s Last Kings imprint and had a widely popular YouTube Channel called Jerk TV.

The suicide is the second suicide in as many weeks after Progressive Era rapper, Capital Steez took his own life on Christmas Eve last year.

While details are still sketch about why Freddy E took his own life, many of Freddy E’s fans have speculated that he was grief-stricken over a failed relationship with Honey Cocaine.

Freddy E’s parents released a statement regarding their son’s death.

“Today, our son, Frederick…

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