Christina Regusters, 19, was the only person indicted today in the abduction and sex assault case of a five-year-old girl in January.

Lawyer of Christina Regusters Woman indited for kidnapping 5yr old girl from West Philly School

Christina Regusters

The woman charged in the abduction and rape of a 5-year-old West Philadelphia girl, was indicted by a grand jury yesterday (Monday April 29,2013), 20-year-old Christina Regusters continues to be sole perpetrator of this heinous crime. Reports say the indictment consisted of 11 counts including two counts of involuntary deviant sexual intercourse with a child with serious bodily injury, aggravated assault, kidnapping, corruption of a minor and unlawful restraint of a minor. Originally Regusters was charged with 15 crimes however, She was not indicted on several of the most horrific charges including force-able rape and  possession of an instrument of crime.

Earlier this year we reported the initial amber alert for the 5 year old little girl whom had been taken from Bryant Elementary in West Philadelphia by a woman(fully covered in Muslim attire) posing as her mother. The child was then blind folded, left under a bed fro hours, sexually assaulted, then some placed in under a sliding board in an Upper Darby Playground during the wee hours of the following morning in the freezing rain, wearing just a wet tee shirt. Investigators have used DNA on that T-shirt to tie Regusters to the alleged crimes…. NBC10 reports that, “…the girl’s family has said the victim suffered severe bodily harm and needed more than one surgery to repair the damage”…

 Despite the fact Regusters is the only defendant currently charged at this time, both her attorney, the victim’s attorney, and a host of others strongly believe more people were involved however the grand jury came back with indictments only against Regusters,  Her attorney, W. Fred Harrison, Jr., said he expected the charges. He also said that although his client may have been involved in the case in some way, she was not involved to the degree the prosecution alleges.

“I certainly don’t think my client is a major participant in this affair,” Harrison, Jr. said. “I think there are others who are far more responsible and I think they’ll come out at some point during these proceedings.”

Well, as far as we’re concerned, she needs to tell what she knows, she should have been done so. We have no reason to express sympathy for the woman. She should rot in jail for what she caused this little Innocent baby girl to endure.

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