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Details surrounding a sex tape posted online by 50 Cent made a noticeable impression on jurors in a trial over a lawsuit filed against the rapper.

Page Six noted that tears were wiped away Monday (June 15) by the woman filing suit against 50, Lastonia Leviston, as her lawyer Philip Freidin described the graphic video, which included commentary from the G-Unit general that include a picking apart of Leviston’s physical flaws as well as him labeling her a “slut.”

During the opening remarks Leviston sat with her aunt, who was also crying. According to Page Six, two jurors grimaced and shifted uncomfortably in their seats as the description of the sex tape and 50’s commentary.

“The camera, of course, filmed her private parts,” Freidin told the five-woman, four-man jury.

“At some point [Jackson] starts describing her private parts in intimate detail in a way that none of us would…

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