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Golden State Warriors v Phoenix Suns Source: Christian Petersen / Getty

We could’ve been going to Game 7. With the way the Cavs been fighting, there was no way they’d go out in Quicken Loans Arena, right?

Well, the NBA season ended tonight. The Warriors held it down to win 105-97, securing their first championship in four decades.

At the end of the day, Golden State came with its weapons loaded. Cleveland didn’t; the Warriors capitalized over a handicapped squad. In fact, Golden State found offensive weapons. Andre Iguodala didn’t start in a single game this season, but scored 25 points to close out a strong Finals showing. Steph Curry didn’t always show up. Iguodala did, and that’s why he’s Finals MVP.

The final result means LeBron James arguably wasted an all-time great Finals performance. His 32-point, 18-rebound finish was an example of how hard he had to go just to keep his team in…

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