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Dope Movie In Cannes

I’m a movie buff and I love going to see a movie on opening weekend. It’s magical.

The scent of freshly popped popcorn careening through my nostrils. The joy I get from pouring extra butter on my snack and not getting any excess on the bag is unrivaled.

I like to get to the theater early in order to find a seat directly in the middle so I can get a full frontal experience with the premium sound quality of the film. Oh, I’m serious about my movie experience.

I love the idea of being in sync with 300 people as we laugh, yell, and are entertained simultaneously while witnessing someone else’s vision come to life before our eyes. That’s how it felt when I sent to see the Forest Whitaker-produced film, Dope.

This weekend, I Googled Dope to see what the movie was doing at the box office. Could it really hang with…

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