Love And Hip Hop Atlanta's Mimi Faust Birthday Celebration Source: Prince Williams / Getty

From The Desk Of Captain Obvious

The episode opens with Mimi continuing to drag out this melodrama about whether she lied about the sex tape or not. We already knew that she did, but you know, sometimes people have to do things on their own time. She invited Stevie J over to come clean. Mimi’s version of events is that she agreed to make a tape with Nikko, but he was the one that wanted to shop it around. She then told him to use the whole “our bags got stolen at the airport” lie (which was the worst lie ever, but this is Mimi we’re talking about), but he told her to allow him to be the bad guy, and that she should play victim. Stevie’s reaction was surprisingly mature. He said he hoped she learned a lesson from this and that he won’t…

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