The Bazey Address


Chris Brown has had it with his daughter, Royalty’s mother, Nia Guzman and he’s decided to take her to paternity court. Chris filed paternity documents in Houston (where Guzman lives) and plans to go to paternity court to prove that he is his one-year old daughter, Royalty’s father so that he can then take Guzman to court over custody (legal tip: you must prove paternity before you can go to court over child support and custody).

Chris says pays Guzman $2,500 dollars a month and he believes that is a fair amount however, he claims Guzman wants $15,000 a month. He also claims that Guzman also denies him the right to see his daughter so his hopes are that he can take Nia to court so that a judge can set clear guidelines for visitation and set an amount for child support…preferablly one closer to the amount he is already paying.

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