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Baltimore police have arrested two men and a teenager in connection with the rape and death of a Baltimore high school student who was found in a torched row home on June 7.

Adonay Dixon, 23, John Childs, 20, and 14-year-old Raeshawn Rivers were indicted and face rape, arson, murder and gang-related charges, prosecutors announced Tuesday. Rivers, who knew the victim, was later arrested and charged as an adult.

The victim, Arnesha Bowers, was reportedly raped and then killed by the men. Prosecutors say the attack occurred after they broke into the 16-year-old’s home. They also stole $40 in cash and electronics.

According to the Baltimore Sun:

All three defendants remain jailed and attorneys for them are not listed in court records.

The gang charge is new. The state’s attorney’s office declined to comment on the allegations supporting it, but detectives have previously said they believe Dixon…

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