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VANCOUNVER ( — Carli Lloyd scored the first hat trick in Women’s World Cup Finals history on Sunday, leading the United States Women’s National Team to their first Cup championship since 1999.

What made Lloyd’s feat all the more impressive was that she scored all three goals within the first 16 minutes of the match against the reigning champion Japanese National Team.

Lloyd’s first-half goals came at the 3-minute mark, the 5-minute mark, and she added a massive shot from midfield at the 16-minute mark. That goal, occurring after a net by Lauren Holiday, made it 4-0 U.S.

Japan got a goal back at the 27-minute mark, claimed by Yuki Ogimi. It was the first goal the U.S. team had given up since they played Australia last month.

The lead was then cut to two goals when Julie Johnston was charged with an own-goal in minute 52.

However, the U.S…

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