CBS Philly

By Suzanne Monaghan

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — In light of the recently revealed court documents regarding Bill Cosby, the Philadelphia Mural Arts Program has decided to remove a mural that includes the once-cherished star.

The mural has been part of North Philadelphia for the past 15 years and includes other African American leaders including Nelson Mandela and Martin Luther King Jr. But the mural has been deteriorating and spokesperson with the Mural Arts Program, Cari Feiler Bender says it was already on the list to be removed.

“Due to the recent headlines about Bill Cosby, he is one of the figures in the mural, we have decided to move it up on our list and decommission it sooner rather than later.”

No exact removal date has been set.

If there is funding and community interest, then the mural may be redone in another location without the image of Bill Cosby.

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