Black America Web

As mainstream media begin to take notice of the social, political and economic power of black social media users, the LA Times has made a bold, and possibly strange move, in hiring a reporter to monitor current trends, rants and musings on #BlackTwitter.

Dexter Thomas has joined the publication to cover the latest happenings in and concerning the black community, as reported by Black Twitter.

“I rarely see Black Twitter agree on anything,” Dexter said.” There are a lot of conflicts within it. There are a lot of conflicts with other people.

In a recently released staff memo, Los Angeles Times Managing Editor S. Mitra Kalita said:

Dexter Thomas joins us today to cover Black Twitter (which really is so much more complicated than that). He will work closely with the newsroom and #EmergingUS to find communities online (Black Medium to Latino Tumblr to Line in Japan) and both create…

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