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If you are a fan of hip-hop you know that the genre has a long-lasting love affair with comic books. Hip-hop artists for years have been leaving secret little love notes to comics in their verses with references to their favorite books and characters (check out Jamila Rowser’s blog Straight Outta Gotham for an eye opening list of geeky references in hip-hop). Comic book terms became integrated in hip-hop vernacular (remember when everyone was saying your shit was John Blaze?). Even entire groups like The Wu-Tang Clan had aliases taken from comic book characters. Marvel has returned the love by having hip-hop figures like Birdman and Rae Sremmurd appear on covers. Earlier this year, Marvel released a variant cover of Howard the Duck #2 and Deadpool #45 with a take on the Run the Jewelslogo.

And now the superhero giant is writing its own love letter to hip-hop. Starting in October, Marvel…

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