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Confederate Flag Removed From South Carolina Statehouse

The confederate flag has been removed from the South Carolina statehouse and, as to be expected, the Ku Klux Klan is not happy about it.

Yesterday, the KKK held a rally at the Statehouse in Columbia, SC to protest the governor’s decision to remove the flag due to it’s history of association with racism. Meanwhile, approximately 400 people with links to the New Black Panther Party marched for racial equality. While both groups intended to steer clear of one another, things got out of hand pretty quickly.

According to the Charleston Post Courier, police had to break up three physical fights between the groups. Pictures from the scene show police in tactical gear, a bloodied demonstrator, and the burning of the confederate flag.

The Daily Mail reports:

An automated message on the Loyal White Knights’s answering machine said: ‘We will be at the statehouse in Columbia, S.C., standing up for our Confederate history…

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