CBS New York

DARIEN, Conn. (CBSNewYork) — Some of the most vulnerable people in our society are being victimized.

The elderly, some suffering from dementia, have been preyed on in their own homes, CBS2’s Lou Young reported Friday.

Thieves have been targeting the elderly in the affluent suburbs, ransacking homes in Fairfield County while the homeowners have been distracted. Victims told Young the robbers sometimes claim to be utility workers.

One Darien resident said the man at the door claimed to be from the Aquarion Water Company and needed to check their pressure. The resident kept an eye on the man not realizing he wasn’t alone.

“In most of our cases we’ll see one person who has contact with the resident, while a second or third person will enter the residence while they are distracted,” Darien Police Sgt. Jeremiah Marron said.

It’s happened three times in one neighborhood alone in recent weeks. Trusting…

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