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SANTA MONICA ( — Gas prices may be dipping this week, but California drivers continue to pay much more than the rest of the country, according to a watchdog group.

“The Golden State is getting gouged,” Consumer Watchdog President Jamie Court said at a news conference Wednesday. “Californians are now paying $1.30 in L.A. above what the rest of America is paying for their gas.”

The price increase isn’t about California’s summer blend, but rather, bigger profits, Court said.

The Consumer Watchdog group says since the gas price spike began six months ago, Californians have paid $4.8 billion more for regular gas than the rest of the country, which amounts to about $200 more for every California driver.

Consumer Watchdog has joined forces with businessman Tom Steyer to bring more attention to the problem and demand change.

“The oil refiners are making historic profits and they’re shipping gasoline out of…

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