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Anybody can be a rapper. It’s easy to be boisterous. It’s easy to be drenched out in gaudy jewelry. That’s why everyone is so enamored with the idea. But while rudimentary hooks and infectious beats ensure a shot at radio, real-life music ensures a shot at longevity.

Chevy Woods isn’t boisterous. We knew that when we watched him sitting quietly in the lobby while we spoke to his publicist about the music. He didn’t insert himself in the conversation. He simply watched and waited. Woods is an observer. A soft-spoken emcee who thrives off candor and humility, he has proven to be a capable go-to artist. He’s a precocious lyricist who uses music as his canvas to paint the harsh realities of his city Hazelwood. With Wiz Khalifa serving as the face of Taylor Gang, Woods is the spark plug of the group. His new EP, The 48 Hunnit Project

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