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Marshawn Lynch Source: Christian Petersen / Getty

While people still bug the Seahawks for not handing off to Marshawn Lynch for a surefire Super Bowl-winning touchdown, the NFL is still bugging Lynch for his press-averse persona. Lynch got himself another fine before the season even starts.

After Seattle toppled the Packers and Seahawks Nation was good and merry, Lynch again refused to talk to the press. For this act, the NFL fined Lynch $75,000. You’re just now hearing about the fine months after the championship because it “had never been previously reported nor disclosed,” according Pro Football Talk‘s Mike Florio. Today (Aug. 27), Lynch received his notice about setting up a hearing for the fine.

So, Lynch lost $95,000 that game. He was docked $20,000 for grabbing his crotch. Being a family sport, the NFL tends to frown upon crotch grabs. Lynch pockets shouldn’t be hurting all that much; he signed a $24 million/two-year contract extension.

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