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Philadelphia Eagles v Denver Broncos Source: Justin Edmonds / Getty

Giants fans groan when they think about post-prison Michael Vick‘s peak. It’s when he led the Eagles to a 21-point comeback during a regular season that ended with a punt returned for a touchdown, Tom Coughlin‘s face flushed red and Giants fans crushed.

What’s comforting to New York is how it was a short peak. Afterward, Vick went into a career purgatory that unjustly made him Geno Smith‘s backup. However, Vick’s jaw isn’t broken and he still has a job in the NFL. Vick, formerly Madden‘s cheat code, has signed a one-year contract with the Pittsburgh Steelers, according to

“There’s not a throw on the field he can’t make from an arm-strength-standpoint, he’s a very experienced guy at what he does at this point in his career,” head coach Mike Tomlin, said to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. “And…

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