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LOS ANGELES ( — An Irvine boy named Donovan Mejia who died last year of brain cancer has inspired a group of kids to help others afflicted with the disease Friday.

The group filled 200 backpacks with school supplies and toys, with plans for their next event to give back.

Mejia’s father said: “Helping families that are going through similar situations by fundraising, so really meeting our mission, which is love our neighbor.”

They have organized a fundraiser coinciding with a local football game Sept. 11, when Beckman High School takes on Foothill High School.

A Beckman High School football player who was recently diagnosed with cancer is receiving help from his teammates, some of whom are part of a charity group called the National League of Young Men.

Teammates of the student are attempting to help the players’ mother by “trying to make her life a lot easier so she doesn’t have to…

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