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PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Google. It’s the world’s most popular search engine, allowing you to find things quickly and easily online. But how much does Google know about you? It may be more than you realize.

It tracks the websites we visit, gleans information from our emails, and even captures and stores your voice. When it comes to Google, Drexel Professor Rob D’Ovidio says, “They’re tracking everything, especially if you’re signed into your account.” On your laptop, iPad, even your android device.

“Everything is integrated with Google now,” says CBS 3 Managing Editor Steve McKenzie. His android phone is linked to his Google account. While he knew that Google stored user information, he was surprised at how precise it was, especially as it relates to tracking location. He says, “It will show you the exact place that you’ve been, the time you were there, and pictures if you took them there…

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