CBS Philly

By Pat Loeb

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — She’s a familiar voice to KYW listeners as chief spokesperson for SEPTA and before that the FBI’s Philadelphia office, but Jerri Williams is making a big career change.

She’ll announce, today, that she’s leaving SEPTA, not for another employer, but to pursue her dream of becoming a crime novelist.

“I’ve always wanted to write,” says Williams, “and it was really after only one or two classes that I thought, ‘I can do this,’ and started writing my novel.”

That first novel, Pay to Play, is already “on submission” in New York publishing houses. She calls it “edgy” and it’s certainly a different side of Williams than you see when she goes before the cameras to explain, for example, SEPTA’s plan for the Pope’s visit.

“Stu Sebastiani tucked a C-note down the server’s sequined bra and raised his voice above the pulsing music. ‘Can I…

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