Philadelphia PD is working over time following a violent night in night in the city. According to repirts, Police are currently iin the process of investigating the deaths of at least five individuals.

Authorities say a triple stabbing left one person dead and two injured in Southwest Philadelphia, A double shooting in North Philadelphialeft one person deadd, another injured, and a person on a motorcycle crashed into a wall and died. Police say that gunshots were heard near 23rd and Morris Streets, and one person is dead following a shooting on the 1400 block of Vodges Street. another shooting at the 2400 block of North Hollywood Street in Strawberry Mansionleft one person dead, according to authorities.

Police also say a person was found with multiple gunshot wounds at the 3100 block of Abbottsford Road in East Falls. Police say the male was pronounced dead at about 9:21 p.m

Wow we’re scared to see what the summer brings. Click here to read more from source>>> 5 Dead In Philadelphia